New options in the Valley to get in shape

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) — Fitness options continue to grow for the health-conscious in the Valley. It appears more people want to be in better shape for summer.

Music drives the workouts at Beyond Pilates Studios at Clovis and Herndon in Clovis.

The idea is to keep pace with the beat as you slide through your regimen. Studio owner Brandi Marino explained, “It’s a Pilates reformer.”

The Fresno State grad returned to the valley after opening studios in Texas and Oklahoma. She said, “If you see our slogan our Y is upside down. Actually the whole (word) “Beyond” is upside down. We take traditional workouts, and we turn them upside down, so boredom is not part of our vocabulary.”

The goal of each session is to burn 500 calories in 50 minutes.

Marino said, “So technique and tension is what we’re going for. The better the technique right, the more resistance you can add but you need to know how to feel it. Where you’re feeling it, and then you progress.”

Just around the corner, college athletes got in workouts at the Bod-e2 Shop. But sports performance specialist Isabella Quintero said the club is designed to serve the general public, “Pretty much anyone and everyone. Weight loss, strength training, maintenance training. People who just want to stay fit but need more guidance.”

The club offers an alternative to larger fitness centers which can be intimidating to some. Marino added, “They come in here mainly for guidance because they just how to work basic machines.”

Fitness choices in the shopping center also included Cycle Bar Clovis with Blue Moon Yoga also set to open soon.