Development, Acquisitions and Dispositions

Gryphon has pioneered innovative public/private partnerships and is responsible for developing and/or partnering on projects in various stages of development encompassing almost 5.2 million square feet at a completed cost of approximately $1.6 billion.

5.2 million square feet
$1.6 billion

Projects Developed by Gryphon Capital or in collaboration with select partners

We invest capital in commercial real estate investments (development and operating assets) that provide the appropriate risk adjusted return.

We’re growing strategically in markets with strong demographics and growth potential including:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington

We work with communities, neighborhood groups and municipalities to address their needs and foster support on all levels.



The City of San Fernando is delighted to attract investment from Gryphon Capital as our partners in renewing a shopping center that had a large, vacant retail space for many years. By leveraging their extensive relationships with quality retail tenants and experience managing large shopping centers, Gryphon Capital was able to work with Target to occupy the vacancy and fill a need for the community. This investment by Gryphon Capital not only created new jobs, but also made a number of improvements to the property that enrich and beautify our community. We look forward to Gryphon Capital being an active part of the San Fernando community for many years to come.

Nick Kimball

City Manager, City of San Fernando

Gryphon Capital with the leadership of Chris Shane, has supported the City immensely with bringing much-needed economic development to our community. Gryphon Capital has seen the need the City has, listened to our concerns, and delivered. Being a City over 100 years old brings a unique challenge to infrastructure and infill projects. The "out of the box" thinking has delivered outstanding results for generations to come.

Steve Forster

Community Development Director, Huntington Park

The entire Gryphon Capital team possesses a level of professionalism and flexibility that makes them great to work with. They continually engage with the County on thoughtfully planning out their projects while listening to the community and becoming a true partner. El Dorado County is grateful Gryphon Capital is investing here and opening businesses, especially during these unprecedented economic times.

Kyle Zimbelman

Economic and Business Relations Manager, El Dorado County

My dealings with Gryphon Capital was forthright, professional and very pleasant. We feel fortunate to have them as a neighbor in our community and look forward to the opportunity to continue working with them.

Skip Szymanski

Deputy Executive Director/COO, Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara

Gryphon Capital possesses an in-depth market knowledge that allows them to explore unique development opportunities for the communities they work in.

Mike Sanchez

Asst. Director of Development and Resource Management Fresno, CA

I would highly recommend Gryphon to my city manager colleagues. Gryphon’s project was well designed, their team was both eager and professional, and their project was the catalyst to our economic development in that part of town.

Vince DiMaggio

City Manager, Mendota, CA

The city of Los Banos is grateful for the commitment, creativity and capabilities of Gryphon Capital. They have brought new life to our city by adding jobs and opportunities for our community for years to come. We feel very fortunate to work with such a professional and passionate team.

Steve Carrigan

City Manager, Los Banos, CA

The City of Atwater is extremely pleased to be a partner with Gryphon Capital. They saw an opportunity which has been overlooked by many others. Gryphon Capital is a wonderful hope for our city.

Joan Faul

Mayor, Atwater, Ca

Their investment in our community will allow a previously distressed Mello Roos district to be paid off on time and also help relive tax payers in the district. The City and Gryphon will continue to be partners through the entitlement and development phases of their project. Their trust in our community and their initial investment will continue to benefit the community with new jobs, new investment, and increased tax base. The City and Gryphon are ‘partners for progress’.

Scott McBride

Community Development Director, Atwater, CA

Gryphon Capital and Chris Shane its Managing Partner have painted smiles on the young and the golden aged in the City of Firebaugh. The clear channel of communication, coupled with his high intensity business savviness, paved the way for many ground breaking opportunities that we will cherish!

Jose Antonio Ramirez

City Manager, Firebaugh, CA

The City of Clovis is pleased to have partnered with Gryphon Capital on this project. Their high level of skill, professionalism and industry knowledge made every aspect of this process smooth and seamless. The results are much bigger than they appear; jobs have been created and the transformation of an aging shopping corridor has begun!

Robert Woolley

City Manager, Clovis, CA