Ride along with us on our parking search at the new Santa Barbara Target

KEYT 3 — April 3, 2019

Parking will be challenging at the popular Santa Barbara Neighborhood Target, now open on La Cumbre and State Street. (Photo : John Palminteri/KEYT.com)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Parking looks to be challenging at the new Target store in Santa Barbara at a site that was the former Galleria Center.

There are about 90 spaces available and getting in and out from two busy streets has drivers hoping for some luck when it comes to finding a spot.

NewsChannel 3 took a drive through the parking lot—live—for our mid day news to see what was happening in real time and what could happened when the store goes from the soft opening phase now, to the Grand Opening celebration Sunday.

Some drivers are already using the parking spaces nearby at the La Cumbre mall and walking in from there to get into Target without having a long wait in the parking lot.

One driver came early and timed it just right, saying she found a car pulling out as she was coming in.

Not everyone will be so fortunate.

Tom Gunter said, “it was a nightmare trying to get in here all the way backed up. People turning into the lot. Couldn't even get in.”

This was a prelude to what may be coming this weekend.

Shopper Kevin Shrout said, “I thought the parking lot was way smaller than it is and even so, it is probably not the best, especially once they do their official grand opening.”

One shopper, Bitsy Bacon, had this advice saying, “go at the off time not in the middle of the day when people are out for lunch.”

Nearby lots may also be used. “Somebody told me they parked over at Big 5 and walked,” said Robin Dey.

An emergency response call was also made and Gunter said, "that was quite a site to see because people didn't know where to go."

In the last couple of weeks there's been some restriping of the lanes on La Cumbre to allow for cars to have spots for turning and driving forward, along with a bike lane.

The store has been requested by residents in one form or another for years.

Besides the smaller neighborhood Target in Santa Barbara, there will be a full sized Target in Goleta by the end of they ear. That will be in a much larger center on the corner of Hollister and Storke Road.

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